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 New Technology Reduces Buffering by up to 500% .  Virtually eliminating  

   buffering issues even in the most extreme cases.  Try us out today!

Welcome To the Best - Most reliable HD-TV Service!

If you are using other applications to stream Live IPTV, then we challenge you to make the comparison.  We pride ourselves on delivering only the most cutting edge technology to enhance the user experience and work to stay ahead of the curve!  


We have developed a new technology to modify the encoding to reduce stream data requirements.  We have also increased our servers by 10X and we now have backup servers for our backup servers.  We also have added multiple backup natural gas to electric generators.   What does all of this mean this mean? 


 1- up to 80% less data required to stream channels

 2- Eliminating buffering by over 500%

 3- Eliminating system issue downtime to a few seconds per month

 4- Virtually eliminating system reboots to only 3 minutes long twice a  

    month (at 3am EST). 

 5- Eliminating electricity outage issues.

 6- Automatic Stream replacement.  - If one of our major channels goes

    down it will be automatically replaced within 3 minutes (most cases). 

 7- Mobile/SD streams designed for mobile applications and for

    limited internet access ( Satellite wifi or Hotspot applications, etc ).

 8- 90% Virgin streams - Eliminating waiting on originators to repair


 9 - Ability to add local channels on request, even small local stations in

     most cases.

10- Stable and more complete EPG TV Guide

Best Iptv, the best LIVE Content IPTV company is powered with Love...


MaxTv Iptv offers a 3rd party media application designed to play LIVE CONTENT TV services. We do not own, control, manage, store, or otherwise have anything to do with any content displayed through your apps, and all logos, marks, material, and all else displaying on your TV screen is owned by those respective companies.


Your purchase is backed by our promise. We are confident that you will love our service. So much so, we back it with this unheard of guarantee. If within the first 7 days and for any reason, if we have not provided superb service and you are unhappy with your purchase, We will personally refund your payment minus a $8.95 cancellation fee (it's what we are charged) to cover our merchant refund fees. Fair enough?

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***After we receive your payment notification we will set up your account and email your user information ASAP ( username, password, download, install and navigation. ) 


***The AUTO-DEBIT, payments will be deducted on the same day each month. Cancel our subscription anytime by emailing us at maxtvservice@gmail.com ick to edit)

***Your personal info security is important to us at MaxTv.  As soon as you click on payment you will be taken to a secure webpage for you to enter your payment info.
All of our monthly plans have a 7-Day guarantee: Your purchase is backed by an iron-clad guarantee. If within the first 7 days and for any reason, if we have not provided superb service and you are unhappy with your purchase, We will refund your payment minus a $8.95 cancellation fee  (it's what we are charged) to cover our merchant refund fees. Fair enough?  
For as low as $7.95
      Upcoming Events and Movies!!!

Regardless of whether the content is in SD, HD, FHD 1080p, or 4K our MaxTv application will deliver that content effortlessly and beautifully.  Our service will work on Firesticks, android boxes, android phones, Iphones, Ipads, Apple tv boxes, etc. We just know you will absolutely love it.


A great looking, simple TV program guide that is stable and complete. Multiple player settings, Parental controls and More... Our Live HDTV application contains all of the great features customers have been looking for.

What else is New to MaxTv you ask?

1- 24/7 Channels

2- VOD Movies / Series

3- Stable PPV Events in FHD, HD and SD

4- More PPV Events, UFC, BKFC, Fists or Fury, WWE, World of Outlaws and much more.

5- Compatible Eq. / Firestick 4k & Amazon Fire TV Devices,  most Android devices, Android phones, Apple tv, Iphones, Ipad, etc.

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